supply chain RFID case study

“Nordic ID’s solution meant fast implementation, joint optimization, onsite and remote support and continuous development.”

-Dirk Freda, Head of Logistics and IT at Zentek Pool Systems

The Company

Zentek Pool System provides comprehensive services to the supply chain Industry. With a robust plastic pallet with pre-fitted with sensors, they offer suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers the ideal conditions to meet logistical demands.

The Challenge

Each of the company’s pallets already featured a unique number and identifier. Throughout the warehouse process, and the number was captured to identify the pallets. The original system lacked speed and accuracy. Storage and staging space at warehouses limited efficient and flexible processing. Meanwhile, there was no possibility to deploy costly or bulky RFID hardware due to space and budget restrictions

The solution

Nordic ID and Zentek joined forces with software company Sydesoft and implemented a hotspot style RFID beam reader that reported all palette activity real-time to a customized pc interface. This was the perfect cost-effective, non-bulky solution for the small space.

Learn more about the tools used in this solution.

The benefits

  • Eliminate the staging process to prepare shipments in advance
  • Time-saving approx. 1h/truckload on warehouse staff and forklift truck
  • Approx. 50 m2 staging area saved
  • Shipping and receiving process covered by only one technical solution
  • Roll-out to other warehouse processes and locations possible by configuration




Download the Case study and learn more about the benefits that Zentek experienced as a result of implementing RFID in their operations.