MGI & Nordic ID relaunch strategic partnership

The partnership between MGI and Nordic ID, announced last year, saw some key target sectors hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with hospitality and the travel sectors hit particularly hard by government restrictions and understandable consumer caution.

Spring 2021 started to see some re-emergence of confidence however, with the staged plan for lifting of lockdown announced, in conjunction with a fast-paced vaccination program.

A UK population, jaded by 3 lockdowns in the last 12 months, has seen a pent-up demand for holidays and time away from home unleashed upon the hospitality sector, with some reports of UK ‘staycation’ bookings reaching 90% of available capacity, in the weeks following the announcement of the government’s lockdown exit plan. Coupled with an uncertain position regarding foreign travel, in terms of COVID vaccination passports, quarantine requirements and travel corridors, the domestic UK market is rebounding strongly already.


Nordic ID CEO Juuso Lehmuskoski comments:

“As the effect of Covid-19 pandemic is beginning to fade away, I am highly excited to re-engage our partnership with MGI for hospitality solutions. Before the pandemic, we had a very solid track and trajectory together to provide fantastic solutions for hospitality industry. As we all know by now, hospitality was probably the industry that got hit the hardest. Now that the vaccination programs in UK and Europe have started to take effect, we expect hospitality industry to bounce back and even experience high demand to supply all the pent-up need for travel. Together with MGI we will continue to provide and develop solutions for post-covid business environment. I am particularly excited to continue our progress made supplying gyms, spas and hotels with our tailored linen tracking solutions and also to bring our unmanned shop S/MART to the attention of hospitality and hotel managers as it offers perfect avenue to create safe solutions to improve customer experience and improve efficiency at the same time.”

Oliver Newman – Director of Business Development, MGI:

“With staycation fever firmly on our doorstep, we are proud and excited to re-announce our partnership with Nordic ID.

We have seen great enthusiasm from UK nationals to flock to some of the country’s best hotels & spas for much-needed R&R. Hotels have strong bookings which will make this summer very busy, providing a great opportunity for MGI & Nordic ID to re-gain quick momentum in the sector.

The pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate the core values that define us, and this is no different for businesses. To succeed in the post covid world, stakeholders must relentlessly look to improve their operations so to provide frictionless, seamless, and sustainable customer experiences. The inherent benefits of RFID have long been knocking but now seem unavoidable.

MGI is perfectly poised to transform UK hospitality operations supplying industry leading RFID asset tracking solutions and none of this would be possible without Nordic ID’s impressive engineering. Their RFID hardware & software is not only the best looking, sleek in its design, but has powerful capabilities to take our customers to the next level. What’s best of all is that we are now able to continue our progress made tracking linen & towelling for some major UK brands particularly in the health & fitness sector whilst also bringing new innovations like unmanned shops to the foreground.”

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