Nordic ID and IBM iX collaborate to break barriers of RFID for IBM Instant Checkout

Nordic ID and IBM iX collaborate to break barriers of RFID for IBM Instant Checkout

Nordic ID is the leading European solution provider at the center of today’s real-time item tracking. IBM iX, the design and consulting division of IBM, has developed a breakthrough invention for instant checkout that is set to revolutionize the consumer experience.

Research shows that 56% of shoppers will abandon their purchase if they perceive the wait to be longer than 6 minutes. The IBM Instant Checkout performs 15 times faster than standard self-service checkouts and seven times faster than a traditional cashier, completing the purchase in 5 seconds. Instead of having to scan single items individually at the self-checkout, dreading the “unexpected item in the bagging area” alert, customers scan their shopping basket or carrier bag filled with items in one go instantly.

A key enabler of this smooth and accurate checkout rests on Nordic ID’s proprietary technology. This innovative RFID solution forms part of an integrated approach that will transform the customer experience. Nordic ID has been collaborating closely with IBM iX for the development of the RAIN RFID solution that enables the instant self-checkout shopping experience.

“Collaborating with Nordic ID has been critical to the success of the invention. We’re looking forward to continuing this work together as the invention scales and takes on further features and functions that will benefit retailers and customers alike,” said Lindsay Herbert, Inventor and Digital Transformation Leader for IBM iX.

“The future of shopping has been determined by our collaboration with IBM iX. This solution is a perfect example of how we put our RD team’s world-class expertise to work to push the borders of what can be achieved with our technology competences. We bring every single item an individual ’soul’ or identity, enabling it to be traced, tracked and brought to the IoT space. This creates unique scenarios for using and analyzing collected item data. Imagine the consumer experience this ultra-rapid checkout builds as well as the opportunities this generates for data analysis within a fully connected store.” says Juha Reima, CEO, Nordic ID.

As IBM iX’s hardware partner in the development of the instant self-checkout innovation, Nordic ID believes in the vision of a fully connected store. The checkout innovation lets the consumer experience the future of shopping already today.

Nordic ID is the leading European solution provider for rapid and accurate item tracking and tracing. We are passionate to grow and bring a digital soul to every item on the internet using proven RAIN RFID technology. With a solid track record of groundbreaking, innovative automated inventory and item tracking solutions we have established our position as a long- term partner for our customers in selected industries. Since 1986, the company has continuously launched cutting edge solutions, developed in Finland. More information

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