Nordic ID HH83 – setting the new gold standard for data collection

With 68% of buyers stating that product sustainability is an important factor in purchase decisions, it is bluntly obvious that today companies need to take sustainability matters seriously.

Make the conscious decision to make sustainability a priority. You can take the first step, by selecting a data collection tool that is futureproof. We proudly introduce the new Nordic ID HH83 – a device that will serve your needs in the long run, while making beautiful Nordic design as well as ergonomic and balanced user experience a priority.

Nordic ID barcode and RFID portable reader launched


Nordic ID CEO Juha Reima comments:

“I believe that we have created the best handheld reader on the market for example for retailers or logistics companies. One of the main targets have been advanced ergonomics and comfortable use. Nordic ID HH 83 is a device that will stand time. Many of our potential customers are using barcodes today, however they may implement RFID tomorrow. We have developed a modular solution that makes Nordic ID HH83 futureproof while they can easily upgrade the device.  It is very comfortable to use, extremely durable and robust with a timeless design. A true Object of Desire! The design will last over time, the robustness of the device withstands also rough handling and the upgradability makes it a long-lasting investment.”

The Nordic ID HH83 is designed by renowned Finnish designer professor Juhani Salovaara. Juhani’s award-winning designs reflect the Nordic principles of long-lasting, customer-centric design and capture timeless beauty. His previous Nordic ID design in the 1990’s is still today in use by customers all over the world.

“The starting point for the design is the Nordic design principles: usability, ergonomics and timelessness. The needs of the end-user have influenced every step of the design. We want the customers to be able to use the device for years and years,” says Juhani Salovaara.

Nordic ID HH83 portable UHF RFID reader for data collection

You can now make sure your investment in data collection will withstand the trials of time. Whether you are interested in barcode or RFID data collection – you only need one handheld reader. Transitioning from barcode to RFID has never been easier. No replacing handhelds to change to the new technology, the existing device can be upgraded to follow your development. Simply have the front end upgraded to RFID and reap the benefits that rapid data collection offers. From enabling omnichannel operations to knowing where all your circulating items are real-time, the possibilities are endless.

The modularity and robustness of the Nordic ID HH83 make it a futureproof investment. It runs on Android operation system (Android 9) for easy and flexible software application development and gives the user access to all the benefits of the Android ecosystem. The device is also fully compatible with Nordic ID Radea, the cloud platform for asset data consolidation and reporting.

With its timeless design, the Nordic ID HH83 will hit the note on each of your requirements. Make your investment count and choose the Nordic ID HH83 to grow and take the next step with you, whenever it suits you.

Nordic ID HH83 the new gold standard for data collection!

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