Nordic ID Smart Pair – taking user experience to the next level

Nordic ID Smart Pair – taking user experience to the next level

Excellent user experience is very important to us. Our development team actively works with the different aspects of user experience and specifically elements of usability. We put a lot of effort into designing devices that are intuitive to use and comfortable to carry around. Every launch takes many man-hours of planning and testing and tweaking before we put the latest innovation in front of our customers. But the development doesn’t stop there. After the launch, development continues thus enabling our customers to get access to new features and functionalities after the purchase.

Our latest innovation, the Nordic ID Smart Pair feature, takes usability to new levels, thus improving the user experience.

The Nordic ID Smart Pair takes the EXA RAIN RFID enhancement readers from smart to smarter! The enhancement readers are devices that turn your mobile device into a RAIN RFID reader. By connecting the two, you are all set to go scanning those tags in your backroom, on the shop floor, on the road…

In short, wherever you are when you need that accurate information on your items.

Nordic ID Smart Pair makes connecting your devices easier than ever. You just hold them close and they’ll connect in an instant. No more manual “searching for devices”- or “accepting invitation”- phases, that requires you to engage with your mobile device to set up the connection. Smart Pair utilizes Bluetooth to connect, so you only need to make sure that it is enabled in your mobile device.

Curious how it works? Check out the video below!


If you haven’t deployed this smart feature yet, this is where you’ll get it.
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