Finnish small producers’ unmanned shop launched



First Amazon Go in Seattle, now Finnish small producers’ unmanned shop in Juva, Eastern Finland! Nordic ID, a Nasdaq listed Finnish technology company, revolutionizes the sales channels of small, local producers with their technology. Purchasing local organic food has never been this easy.  

Juva, Finland. On Thursday 11.7.2019 in the village of Juva in Eastern Finland local small producers launched the Lähiapaja shop, an unmanned, fully automated shop. The unmanned shop completes the initiative to develop alternative sales channels for local small producers. In November 2018 the Lähiapaja webshop for locally produced food was launched. In the online shop registered customers can buy local fish- and meat produce and vegetables and pick up their purchases from a pick-up station.

“For us local small producers this is a unique opportunity to reach new customers. We already sell our products online and the unmanned store is an exciting addition to our sales channels”, says Alexandra Lindqvist, from the organic farm Sappion luomutila.

“The Lähiapaja shop is built on the fully automated S/MART store concept launched by Nordic ID. It scales easily to the needs of both small and large retailers. Our technology ensures that Out-of-Stock situations are a thing of the past and the user-friendly self-checkout makes shopping easier and faster than ever”, sums Juuso Lehmuskoski, VP, Services & Solutions at Nordic ID.

Lähiapaja’s selection ranges from fish to fresh vegetables and meat by around 20 local producers. Registered customers receive a code to his mobile or email, which unlocks the door to the container. He can then pick up prepurchased products or make his purchases on the spot.

“By developing the pick-up container into an automated store buying locally produced food becomes even easier. The customer can now choose, pay and pick up the products on the spot. This will surely have a positive impact on the customer base of the small producers”, says Esko Helansuo, Project Manager at Xamk.

Coreorient has delivered the container and the mobile locking system. The payment solution supports card and mobile payment. The Lähiapaja store is part of Xamk’s (South Eastern University of Applied Science) development project Fisu-postilla järvikalat liikkeelle (Lake fish by fish mail).


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For more information:

Juuso Lehmuskoski

VP, Services & Solutions Nordic ID

+358 40 510 3790


Nordic ID is a full-service PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions company aimed at becoming the go-to partner for businesses that struggle with managing their flow of items. Our passion for enabling customers to manage their routine operations with ease, speed and efficiency, inspired us to develop all-in-one solutions that help companies to optimize the flow and count of goods. With our full line of RFID tracking devices and a customizable, adaptable cloud platform we simplify once tedious routine tasks and enable total process transparency. Nordic ID is listed on Nasdaq First North. 


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