Rugged RFID reader that suits all your needs

The rugged Nordic ID HH85 is an ultimate tool for the industrial environment and heavy-duty data-collection tasks. Meet the toughest member of the Nordic ID Android handheld family.


Industrial warehouses and factories need sturdy and reliable devices to carry out the goods handling such goods-in and goods-out, locating goods and tracking assets. This is when Nordic HH85 meets the highest standards.


Created in the forests of Finland, this new Nordic ID HH85 is as rugged as it gets. With an IP65 and 1.6-meter drop tested frame, it is useful when tracking your assets in difficult environments. The pistol grip has an ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable and easy to use even when wearing gloves.

In industrial environment, this RFID reader performs, thanks to rugged yet light design. The battery life of up to 18 hours of continuous operation, paired with one of the largest displays in the industry makes this the most reliable rugged product scanner in RFID market.

The Nordic ID HH85 is equipped with Android 9. The camera captures information regarding potential damage to your goods, for instance, at delivery. This rugged, intelligent, and flexible device is the perfect match for industrial applications.

The new Nordic ID HH85 handheld reader

Nordic ID HH85 highlights

Market-leading state-of-the-art UHF RFID performance

Future proof your data collection with this powerful industrial-level RAIN RFID performance

Operates 18 hours on a single charge

Fully integrated to Nordic ID solutions</strong><strong>

Ergonomic design focused on comfortable use

Protect your investment, thanks to its superior ruggedness

Android operating system for easy application<br /> development

The unique combination of the large display and ergonomic pistol grip</strong><strong>



Our top priority is to listen carefully to our customers, recommend solutions that fit their needs and deliver as promised. The Nordic design and engineering ensure that our solutions are high-quality and easy to use.


“With this RFID system, we are able to monitor all the people entering and exiting the construction site and we are able to do it fast and accurately. The system is easy and care-free to use.”

Anssi Siitonen, Production Engineer at Skanska

“Nordic ID’s solution meant fast implementation, joint optimization, onsite and remote support and continuous development.”

Dirk Freda
, Head of Logistics and IT at Zentek Pool Systems

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