Self-Checkout Pilot Findings and experiences - Download the case study!
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Want to understand why Frost & Sullivan has chosen Nordic ID Self-Checkout as the most innovative new product of 2019?

Access the key findings from our pilot projects in the UK, US, and Finland and find out how to eliminate queues and introduce experiential shopping in your brick and mortar shop.

Download the Self-Checkout case study to learn more!

 self-checkout case study rfid self checkout case study key findings




Access the key findings from our Self-Checkout pilot projects and find out how our RFID-powered Self-Checkout solutions can reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase sales.

Download this Self-Checkout case study and you will learn:

  • The benefits of Self-Checkout
  • The science behind queuing management
  • Key findings on the potential of Self-Checkout
  • How to achieve 100% inventory accuracy and eliminate queues

+ the results from the Nordic ID Self-Checkout pilot projects in the UK, US, and Finland

Download the case study to learn more or get in touch with us directly.



About Nordic ID

We are the go-to partner for RFID based PaaS applications in Europe. Our solutions enable our customers to manage their business processes based on facts and bring transparency to their manufacturing processes and predictability to their operations.