Reader Recovery version 1.3.12

Firmware Recovery update for Nordic ID AR62, AR82, AR85 and Sampo S2 readers.

21-December-2020 1.3.12

• Nur module firmware updates
• General stability improvement
• Security patches
• Fixed nur service diagnostics handling
• Fixed issues with nur module update
• Fixed NurApi GetGpioStatus other than gpio1
• Apply custom udev rules at boot
• Custom udev rules lost at update

03-JULY-2020 1.3.11

New features
• Linux security updates
• NUR module firmware updates
• library updated
• License Manager updates licence only at reboot
• Crashlog improvements

Bug fixes
• Application stop command is now called with the same LD_LIBRARY_PATH and running directory as start command
• The Sampo S2 touch sensor works again
• Removing WLAN profile left wlan0 running with old IP until reboot
• Fixed nursvc logrotate
• Application install failure resulted in that no application could be installed before reboot

27-JANUARY-2020 1.3.10

New features
• Add ARP flux prevention option for when ethernet and wifi are connect to the same LAN
• Add Disable 802.11n/802.11ac WiFi toggle; new profiles default to disabled state (n/ac may be unreliable on some networks)
• Call /bin/run stop on applications during reboot
• Add NUR module reset to factory reset WebUI
• Add more info to crash report

Bug fixes
• Disable WiFi/3G if device powered only by PoE (external power supply is required)
• Raspbian security updates
• Reboot on kernel panic and hung tasks
• Prevent crashes in previous SW versions from triggering recovery mode reboots
• Fixed hostname input validation
• Licence Manager: try again if application installation failed due to network error
• NurAPI: Error when reading multiple inputs with one command
• NurAPI: GET GPIO response packet size error
• NUR Service WebUI view sometimes showed IPv6 IPs
• mDNS: LAN hostname could be advertised with WiFi IP in some circumstances
• Prevent old files from filling up cache partition
• If power was lost immediatley after a property was changed it could reset to disabled state
• Pressing reset modem in 3G web UI page now restarts modem
• Scheduled reboots are now kept when SW is upgraded
• WiFi stability improvements
• Fix WiFi packet drop in poor network conditions
• Changing WiFi network did not trigger DHCP requests
• Factory reset sometimes disabled WiFi
• Changing WiFi IP static->dynamic sometimes disabled WiFi
• WebUI help text improvements

13-NOVEMBER-2019 1.3.9

New features
• Update Mono version from 3.2.8 to
• Remove possibility of creating new users
• Add button for resetting application password
• Improved WebUI factory reset
• Improved import/export settings
• Application frontends can now bypass admin WebUI authentication by adding requireWebPassword=false to backend/configuration
• Show Nur module temperature in WebUI
• Licence Manger: support importing configurations from licence server

Bug fixes
• USB mode setting could be lost if there was a power failure during startup
• Fixed missing GPIO events when rising edge was used and when GPIO edge settings were changed
• Fixed timer rollover that could occured after device had been on for 24.9 days
• NUR USB fixes: handle ZLP and corrupted packets
• Renamed log WebUI page in order to not get blocked by browser ad blockers
• Fix missing mDNS advertisement when DHCP server was unreachable at startup
• Improve modem failure mode recovery
• Automatically restart NUR module if there are USB/communication failures
• Fix buzzer sound during factory reset using hardware pin
• Updated Mono CA certificates
• GPSD could sometimes be enabled after factory reset

20-JUNE-2019 1.3.8

• Major security update
• Add support for multiple USB (range) sensors
• Extend GPIO input pins and tap input to be accessory sensors also
• Fixed possible USB connection lost bug
• Don’t release DHCP lease when rebooting
• Updated SSL certificates and removed TLS 1.0 support for web server and MQTT
• Fixed MQTT bug leading to crashes in some circumstances
• User applications ssh password is now random generated when installing application. Password is visible on web ui after install.
• Update WLAN chipset rt2870 driver (0.29 -> 0.36)

09-APRIL-2019 1.3.6

• Added Nur accessory sensor API support
• Added support for MaxBotix USB motion sensors
• Add log rotation for application logs
• Fixed application stopping

19-MAR-2019 1.3.5

• Fixed Low gain Sampo S2 RFON led
• Fixed USB connection after PC suspend
• Fixed ethernet static ip setting on non wlan devices
• Network routing improvements
• Other stability improvements

04-JAN-2019 1.3.4

• Fixed static ip ethernet configuration missing default route occasionally
• Stability improvements
• Added MDM (Mobile Device Management) support

29-OCT-2018 1.3.3

• Added DNS server management, DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf will now be updated for every interface.
• Better handling of static network interfaces
• Added Bluetooth tools and given permissions to non root users to utilize them.
• Updated config for mosquitto mqqt broker now able to handle WSS WS by default on ports 1884 1885.
• Added more details about the current running os version (build time, version and branch).
• Enabled HTTP in nginx no more forced redirection to HTTPS.
• Fixed bad var in systemd service files, warnings will no longer show up in the logs.
• Applications no longer requiring proxy port values.
• Access point will resume after a reboot if it was running before.
• 3G modem is able to reconnect after a disconnect, the modem will be reset after each disconnect.