Asset Pooling

Plug and play your unique data needs into our platform, and gain the time and money saving benefits of constant, real-time information on your entire stock.



Realtime information on your assets

Our asset pool management solution helps you to know where all of your valuable circulating items are real-time, with absolute certainty.

Item status at a glance

Get all the information you need on any item. Maintenance logs, repair service needs and life cycle information is now all at your fingertips. 

Total asset control

A real time overview of every single asset leads to better decision making and accurate forecasting. Regardless of whether you’re renting textiles, tools or machines, you’ll always keep the right items in circulation and no longer waste resources on overstock.

New business opportunities

Open up new unmanned rental stations with total security and an automated overview on the flow of items.

Key Functionalities

Goods location

Goods in/out functionality

On–demand info display