The platform

Implement full service solutions quickly

There’s no need for lengthy implementation with complex, custom built softwares. Our purpose built scalable platform enables companies to roll out and implement full solutions in no time. 

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy with no large upfront investment. Integrate seamlessly into your existing business softwares (ERP, CRM etc) with REST API.

Compatible with other technologies

Any device for data collection is compatible with our system regardless of brand or technology; Use barcode, NFC, Bluetooth etc. Information stored in your company’s existing software transfers to our system real time.

All-in-one solution

This turn key PaaS solution is perfect for companies struggling with managing their flow and count of items, supporting them to optimize their flow of goods and assets. Our platform brings total transparency to your business processes, so it’s great for taking inventory, locating items and all goods in-goods out related tasks. Plug and play modules streamline your item managing needs. It’s a One-stop-shop for hardware, software and service.

Easy to use mobile app

End users can easily work in the platform using an easy, customized mobile phone app that can be branded to suit your needs.

Business model

A flexible service with a monthly fee. As your needs change we easily scale with you. Pay only for what you need by choosing modules that support your unique business requirements.