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The new era of modular RFID fixed readers

The Nordic ID FR22 is the core device of a new approach for RFID fixed systems with wide communication options and a modular design. FR22 is a vital building block for various track & trace and intelligent manufacturing solutions. It enables different use cases for different segments depending on which modules are attached to it.

The FR22 is a truly game-changing device in RFID and IoT industry. With improved connectivity and scalability, the Nordic ID FR22 is the evolution towards a smarter platform, more powerful, scalable, flexible, and manageable than ever.

Nordic ID FR22 Highlights

  • Connectivity like no other – Wide communication options that enable more flexibility in  system designing and no need for external connectivity hardware
  • A new level of scalability – Plug and play accessories enable new use cases or applications
  • Optimal RFID performance driven by Impinj E710 Reader Chip – Improvements in reading performance and accuracy
  • Reduced complexity – Edge computing simplifies RFID setup
  • Lightweight design

Nordic ID FR22 | RFID fixed reader


Nordic ID BFA is an advanced beam-forming overhead antenna with 28 software-controlled beams and an integrated movement and direction detection sensor. All the beams can be enabled for the highest RFID reading coverage and accuracy, or only specific beams can be enabled to define a limited area of detection and reduce unwanted readings. Nordic ID FR22 can be seamlessly connected and mounted on the back.


  • High read accuracy due to multiple overlapping beams
  • Reliable object direction detection and environment mapping
  • Integrated load buzzer and high visibility LEDs to provide user indications in track & trace and access control applications.


Nordic ID MUX16 extends the RFID reading zones of Nordic ID FR22, from 4 to 16. Nordic ID MUX16 is fully integrable with Nordic ID FR22 working as one piece without any additional cables.


  • Extending read zones of one reader
  • Support for proprietary power and data over coax
  • Lower losses, better overall efficiency
  • Ready to use with NUR API
  • Fully integrable with Nordic ID FR22


With Nordic ID FR22, which natively attaches to the back of Nordic ID GA30, this reader and antenna combination will be the number one choice for manufacturing environments, logistics or outdoor RFID solutions. The combination of the FR22 and GA30 antenna reduces your RFID setups complexity, meanwhile performing at an optimal level thanks to the high IP-rating. The FR22 and the GA30 combined with a back cover enables the high IP 65 rating.

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