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The Nordic ID GA30 is our newcomer and our best performing antenna to date. We have improved every aspect of it in comparison to our previous antennas. The GA30 combines multiple customer requests like accurate and fast reading capabilities and IP 65 rating. Thanks to its impressive list of features and its compact size, this antenna can be used in many RFID scenarios and solutions. With this antenna, you can cover almost any RFID need you have! 

The GA30 is a high gain antenna. It can scan RFID tags from a distance, making it optimal for vehicle access tracking and gate solutions. Thanks to the IP 65 rating, it is suitable for any environment. It can be used outside or in a manufacturing facility where dust-tight equipment is critical.  Gate solutions can track everything from items to people to vehicles. 

This antenna can accurately read tags in any orientation, making it an excellent option for tunnel solutions. The benefit of an RFID tunnel is that a box with tagged goods inside can be scanned at once, eliminating the need for slow handheld scanning or the human element. 

When combined with the  Nordic IDFR22, which natively attaches to the back of the GA30, this reader and antenna combo will be the number one choice for manufacturing environments, logistics or outdoor RFID solutions.

Nordic ID FR22 is a new generation fixed reader with higher RFID performance and a modular design. This combination of reader and antenna reduces your RFID setups complexity, meanwhile performing at an optimal level thanks to the high IP-rating. 



  • Reads tags in any position or angle 
  • Long reading distance  
  • Suitable for outdoor use and dusty manufacturing facilities  

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Nordic ID GA30 antenna seen from the front and back

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