Nordic ID FR22 Training – Q&A


Q: Which kind of movement and direction sensor is used in BFA?

A: The sensor is a Time of Flight sensor, which uses 16 infra-red beams (4×4 sectors) to detect physical objects, doesn’t matter if there is no RFID tag.


Q: What is the running temperature, as other fixed readers have tended to run very hot?

A: Depending on the RFID inventory cycles and the processor usage, the Nordic ID FR22 can also run very hot. The reader monitors temperatures of onboard computer and UHF RFID module and adjusts operation points based on the temperature information. The thermal management feature starts mitigation scheme when 80°C are reached. There is more information about this procedure in our user guide.


Q: Is there extended warranty/service agreements available for the FR22?

A: A extension of the standard warranty period (which is 24 months by default) can be purchased separately, adding 1, 2 or 3 additional years after the initial warranty period. The warranty extension must be purchased within 60 days after the product purchase.


Q: Can we get a PDF copy of the presentation?

A: If you are reading this document, you should have already received it 😉


Q: Does it have the same certifications as previous devices, including FCC and IC?

A: The Nordic ID FR22 holds CE, FCC and IC certifications.


Q: What about applications written to NUR2 fixed readers?

A: They will work as they are or with very small changes. Note that the Nordic ID FR22 has better RFID sensitivity than NUR2-based readers, so it might detect tags at larger reading distance.


Q: When will devices for testing will be available?

A: Contact your sales rep, as we have a pool of Nordic ID FR22 units ready for internal use and demo purposes.


Q: On which chip is the NUR3 based?

A: It’s based on the industry-leading Impinj E710 chip.


Q: FR22 shake&vibe (resonation) specifications? For example when mounting on a forklift truck??

A: We have not made shake and vibration tests to the Nordic ID FR22.


Q: FR22 form factor of GPIO -> still D15 connector?

A: No. The GPIO port has evolved, and it is now a standard industrial mini-IO port.


Q: FR22 touchscreen/display option: can it also be used to enter into the set-up of the reader? (i.e. the embedded web-IF)

A: Yes, it can. You only need to have the web browser installed (it’s available by default on our App Center) and the HDMI output enabled. Note that you will have to connect a keyboard as well to type the login credentials.


Q: Can you please elaborate on availability schedule?

A: Around 6 weeks lead time.