7 reasons why you should track your assets with RADEA

Our Head of R&D Mika Karttunen tells seven reasons why you should manage your inventory and asset tracking with Nordic ID RADEA

Would you like to accurately track the whole product lifecycle from production to consumer use in real-time? If you said yes, we have a solution for you. Nordic ID RADEA is an excellent choice for asset tracking and real-time inventory management. Let’s start by explaining what RADEA is.

Real-time Accurate Data for Enterprise Assets platform

Nordic ID’s Real-time Accurate Data for Enterprise Assets (RADEA) platform supports the needs of any business to create a digital identity for any item or asset. Instead of making one static software for one purpose, we have developed a unique and proprietary platform for RFID and other IoT solutions. RADEA is fully customizable and configurable to meet your business objectives. We combine all necessary elements for the solution and maintain it after the implementation.

The purpose of the RADEA is to offer real-time visibility to collected sensor data by the readers. The RFID provides a fast and accurate way to collect the data from the process phases. The platform is designed to serve the requirements for asset tracking and much more. RADEA enables the IoT by providing unique item-level tracking, workflow processing, event management, alerting, and powerful analytics to deliver solutions to many industries.

Find out 7 reasons why you should manage inventory and track assets using Nordic ID RADEA.


1 — All collected asset data with one interface

Nordic ID RADEA enables easy and profound collection and consolidation of information, and it facilitates the process of turning data into business intelligence. With RADEA, all collected data is accessible with one interface. By collecting the RFID data to a central and easily accessible location via cloud setup, the data can be offered for further analysis. RADEA is sensor agnostic, meaning that the system is free from any ties to a specific sensor, and it can collect data using various sensors. The system can store all this collected asset data in one location.

“RADEA can work as a data source for your system. There is no need to change complete software architecture to support new data types like RFID.” – Mika Karttunen, Head of R&D


2 — All benefits from real-time inventory management

With RADEA, you can quickly identify what items you have, the exact number of items, and the exact location. You get, for a real-time, 99 % accurate overview of your inventory from production to the point of sale. Single inventory for all your shops enables you to serve your multichannel customers from a central base. With real-time inventory management, you always know your exact stock balance and no longer need to keep an expensive buffer.


3 — A quick and straightforward implementation of RFID technology

With Nordic ID RADEA we want to offer our customers a solution that helps them easily get started with RFID and secure a fast and easy RFID deployment with a quick ROI and no large upfront investment. There’s no need for lengthy implementation with complex, custom-built software. The purpose-built scalable platform enables companies to roll out and implement complete solutions in no time. In a matter of weeks, we can integrate RADEA into your existing systems whether it is ERP, POS, CRM or asset management software. Due to the short implementation time, companies can tap into revenue growth and profitability increase in a matter of months.

“Nordic ID RADEA is flexible and cost-effective. It supports all kinds of data, implements the part that is needed, and fully integrates to your current platform.” – Mika Karttunen, Head of R&D


4 — Easy asset tracking whenever wherever

Nordic ID RADEA platform offers multiple ways to collect data. RADEA app can be branded and customized for your needs, and it works even with your mobile phone.

The mobile app helps you with asset management such as inventory, shipments, and labels. With the mobile application, you can do inventory for the storage and compare the inventory results for the current inventory count. You can locate the needed products and collect all needed items from your store. With the mobile application, you can create shipping lists, receive shipments, compare that you have received all needed items, and verify the product information and origin. In addition, mobile app helps you to control your printer and print the necessary labels for your products.


5 — Flexible business model for asset tracking

Nordic ID RADEA is offered as a PaaS service with a monthly fee. Scalability is in the core of RADEA. When your needs change, we easily scale with you. You can pay only for what you need by choosing modules that support your unique business requirements.
The solution is scalable across multiple devices, locations, and user groups. The solution supports your current and future needs as the utilization of the RFID and IoT technologies evolve.

“The best thing about Nordic ID RADEA is that it’s small, flexible and fulfills your needs as needed.” – Mika Karttunen, Head of R&D


6 — Asset tracking system that is compatible with other technologies

Any device for data collection is compatible with our system regardless of brand or technology. The customer can utilize existing other technologies for data collection such as barcode, NFC, Bluetooth, etc. Other operations can also be added to the system, for example, time stamps, location, user information, people counting, temperature logging, directionality of the movement and humidity sensors. This means that one system covers several functionalities and solves many efficiency-related issues. Information stored in your company’s existing software can be used by the system in real-time.

RADEA leverages cloud, RAIN RFID, and Industrial IoT technologies and is integrated with the customer’s existing business systems to manage asset lifecycle information, automate enterprise asset management business processes, deliver the proactive alert notification, and provide actionable business intelligence. RADEA is easy to deploy with no large upfront investment. It integrates seamlessly into your existing business software (ERP, CRM, etc.) with REST API.


7 — Efficient device management with RADEA

With RADEA, RFID devices can be maintained remotely. Device access and configurations are managed remotely, and there’s no need for the user to make any client installations. Client and firmware functionality like updates and new features are pushed for the device when needed.




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