Reliable partner for RFID projects

Are you considering implementing RFID solutions for your retail business? Are you looking for a partner for your RFID project? Look no further. We are here to help you. 

Our passion is to enable you to manage your retail operations with ease, speed, and efficiency. We develop all-in-one solutions that help companies optimize the flow and count of goods. Customers worldwide have chosen us when they have been looking for reliable and user-friendly retail RFID solutions. Continue reading and find out what you get when you choose us as your partner for your RFID project. 


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Always the best solution


Together with customers who are new to the RFID world, we carefully help outline their RFID-related processes. Our sales experts, together with the technical R&D team, help you define your retail workflows and processes. When the process is outlined and specified, we then help you assess whether RFID is suitable for your specific use case. We openly discuss possibilities and limitations. 

With our powerful UHF RFID fixed readers, mobile readers, and antennas, we can offer you comprehensive solutions that enable total transparency on the flow of items. Our RFID solutions are always designed for a specific use case that you, our customers, are facing. As such, we will always provide you with the most suitable solution and system design for your use case.

If the solution requires some special devices that we can’t provide you with, we recommend a suitable option – to always get you the best solution. You can trust that we understand what matters to you.

Our customers trust us


Working with us guarantees that you will cooperate with an experienced and reliable partner. Since 1986, we have served customers all around the world when they needed reliable and user-friendly RFID retail solutions. 

We are based in Finland, the world cradle of IoT, with an R&D team with decades of experience in radiofrequency and electronics. Known for our innovative spirit, we also house unique R&D facilities for designing, developing, and testing our innovative solutions. We have established our position as a long-term partner for our customers in retail with a solid track record of ground-breaking automated inventory and item tracking solutions. Customers around the world trust us. Get to know us better through our customer success stories here 

We innovate with you

We always look for ways to meet our customers’ requirements, needs, and hopes. Additionally, we constantly improve our devices and software to guarantee the effortless use of our solutions. We aim to offer RFID devices that enable smarter RFID solutions and processes for our customers. During these years in the RFID industry – besides developing our fixed and handheld readers – we’ve invented innovative self-service retail solutions like the Nordic ID unstaffed store, info kiosk, and the self-checkout solution. 

Our latest innovation, the Nordic ID Sampo S3, is truly a generation-defining device for retail RFID. This all-in-one fixed RFID reader comes stock with an integrated antenna and fast, reliable edge computing – meaning you won’t need any external hardware with this RFID solution. The Sampo S3 delivers eight years of proven, uncompromising RFID performance in a lightweight, easily installable device. 


Open-source libraries at your use


Our customizable and adaptable cloud platform can offer you real-time insights on your asset flow for the entire life cycle of every single item. Our open-source software development enables flexibility in solution design and makes it possible for you to develop a solution that serves you the best. Your IT or integration partner can easily connect our solutions to your systems. Through our Github repository, ready-made applications can be downloaded and installed for the reader. Our solutions are always based on the needs of our customers and are easy to use. 


We support you all the way


Our professional team always makes sure to offer you the best service: from the first contact until the finishing touches of system deployment. Furthermore, our support helps you with multiple years of RFID expertise. The team is extremely qualified, consisting of both RFID professionals and developers, so you can be sure to get replies from experts – even to your more technical questions and challenges. 

Customers have given us good feedback about our support. Our support serves every customer with the same dedication and quality, and our low-hierarchy company culture enables us to serve you promptly without unnecessary protocols or obstacles. You can contact support easily by email. The positive feedback we’ve got from our customers proves our high quality and dedicated support to our customers.  


“Many thanks for great support. For me it’s always a great joy to work with Nordic ID. No other vendor is a match for your support and SDK quality.” 

“Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I am again impressed by the level of support.” 

“Thank you a lot for the very quick reply and the effort you put regarding our concern! We were surprised to get such a detailed and well-explained example. If I would be asked to rate the support quality, I’d give 10/10.”  

“All worked fine, thank you very much for your impeccable support.” 


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