RFID implementation for industrial laundries with ease and expertise

When you’re interested in starting to keep track of your textiles with RFID, you probably wonder where to start. The implementation of the RFID laundry management system can be divided into four stages. A successful implementation requires collaboration between the customer and the solution provider at each step. Let’s go through the steps for making your laundry operations digitalized.

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Four stages to implementing an RFID laundry management system

1) Customer needs meet environmental possibilities and constraints

The base for every RFID project is the goal and a desire for digitalization. What information do you need? What do you want to analyze and keep track of? Customer needs and requirements outline the plan for data collection.

However, the RFID solution is not solely based on customer needs. We need to ensure that the requirements can be met. Our process begins with a physical survey of your industrial laundry. Based on that physical survey, a suitable scope of the system can be defined. For example, if there is a high need for automation, we can include RFID tunnels. Sometimes the premises can be challenging for RFID technology if obstacles disturb the reading. Also, the network at the premises must work, as RFID readers are connected to the cloud platforms. Based on your needs and the physical and digital environment, we can offer you a quotation for an RFID solution.

2) The project starts

When the offer is accepted, the implementation of the RFID solution can start. A project manager can start working with the customer to ensure a successful project kick-off. Usually, from the customer’s side, the one responsible for the development project is involved. The customer should name a project manager or admin user who knows the system requirements, how the processes look, and how the systems are used. Nordic ID can assist with project management services to guide you through the implementation process.

After project initiation, we begin to prepare the solution. You can be sure that our RFID devices are designed with high expertise and manufactured based on order-to-delivery in Finland with high-quality standards. Our experts ensure everything works from the beginning and test the solution before it’s time to move to the customer’s premises. We agree on a suitable installation schedule with the customer.

3) The installation and testing

After the devices and systems have been tested, they are ready to be shipped to the customer. Given the customer’s preference, we can install the solution for them or have the customer’s facility engineers install it.

Our RFID solution is a cloud platform solution, so IT infrastructure is vital for the working entity. When the locations of the devices have been decided, electricity connections and the proper cables are needed for the installation.

After the installation, we test the whole solution once more. We run through the tracking process and follow the tracked items. When the readers detect RFID-tagged items and can scan them, collecting and updating the data is possible.


4) After installation

After installation, the customer can start to benefit from the added value of their new RFID system. We make sure your expectations are met regarding inventory management and asset tracking. Our support team helps with all the questions and issues regarding the solution.


Reliable and flexible RFID partner

Working with us guarantees that you cooperate with an experienced and reliable partner. Customers have given us good feedback about our support and reactiveness. We’ve been described as a flexible and dynamic partner. If some issues arise regarding our solutions, we will fix them with dedication. Our technical engineers can guarantee that even more customized system integrations can be done with expertise.

In addition to our expertise and involvement in customer projects, we usually work with a local partner who contributes to the project with local market knowledge.

Our support helps you with several years of RFID expertise. Our professional team always offers you the best service from the first contact until the finishing touches of system deployment. We are not solely service providers but aim to create partnerships with our customers that create value for all parties.

You can be sure that your RFID project is in safe hands when working with us. We have years of experience in deploying RFID solution projects for industrial laundries, and we can offer you a solution that fits your needs best.

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