RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2020

Team up with Nordic ID at the largest RFID & IoT conference in Europe, the RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2020, virtually on November 30th.

Join the Nordic ID presentation in the Wireless IoT Technology Forum on NOVEMBER 30TH!


Sales Director Danny Collinson speaks about State-of-the-art mobile data collection as part of industrial IoT. In his presentation he shares our insights on how choose the best devices for item data collection in challenging environments – expertise that Nordic ID has gathered during over 30 year in the international field of sensor technology business. He touches on topics such as:

  • what are the requirements,
  • how will you best meet the challenges regarding data collection of industrial customers, and
  • what to consider when choosing the best device.

Furthermore, in his presentation, Mr. Collinson also speaks about RFID enabling asset tracking and item data collection, including experiences of:

  • how RFID will enable the best results for tracking your assets, and
  • how RFID will reliably and accurately let you capture item data. 

Register here: RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow


For further inquiries, contact us by filling the form or emailing to sales@nordicid.com.


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