Nordic ID Radea – the IoT platform enabling you to be more efficient, productive and sustainable

Nordic ID Radea – the IoT platform enabling you to be more efficient, productive and sustainable

A way of supporting businesses to become more sustainable requires providing them accurate information on their asset flows and processes. Utilizing this kind of information to optimize their supply chain would make a huge difference. Are you aware that transportation causes 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions?! That manufacturing one t-shirt requires 2700 litres of water2?! These are shocking numbers, underlining the fact that companies need to know what they have, where it is and how much, to be able to eliminate surplus, minimize transportation and optimize their resources. This enables them to curb overproduction, and further to save our scarce natural resources.

In today’s data driven world, where consolidating data from different sources to create analytics for more reliable and solid decision-making, accurate tools for data collection and utilization are crucial. For over 30 years, Nordic ID has brought world class data collection devices to the global market and with our new IoT platform Nordic ID Radea, we enable our customers to utilize their information on item and material flow to the fullest, in real-time.

”Our solutions provide our customers with more accurate and up-to-date information on their flow of goods, inventories and the product range in each store. They enable our customers to collect item data, as well as consolidate and analyse it, which helps them to make better decisions both from a sustainability standpoint as well as from a business perspective. When our customers have real-time information about their stock balance, they are able to serve their customers better – which is proven to correlate with a growth in sales,” says Juha Reima, CEO of Nordic ID.

With the development of our IoT -platform Nordic ID Radea (Real-time Accurate Data on Enterprise Assets) we took the step into the world of cloud services and data consolidation. Enabling our customers to manage their item flows based on real-time data is an important step to further support them to become more efficient, productive and sustainable.

Nordic ID Radea Industrial Internet of Things Solutions Platform global asset managements for enterprises automated inventory tracking

Furthermore, as the platform supports all major sensor technologies, the customer can deploy it easily even if his data collection is not based on RFID. From a sustainability point of view, it is a huge benefit that the customer can continue using his current pool of devices. Why not extend the lifetime of existing tools if possible!

The modularity of our platform makes it applicable for any industry, offering the customer to choose the modules that fit his needs. Modularity also supports easy scaling of and developing the platform for future requirements. As needs change, it’s easy to add new modules!

Integrating the platform into customers’ existing systems (ERP, CRM, etc) enables consolidation of large amounts of information for reporting and KPI’s. Nordic ID Radea is the most efficient way of staying up-to-date with your stock situation and managing your assets.

Nordic ID Radea is the cloud platform that sets the standard for data consolidation when it comes to providing information that enables you to stay on top of your business, make informed decisions and support sales growth.

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Nordic ID is a full-service PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions company aimed at becoming the go-to partner for businesses that struggle with managing their flow of items. Our passion for enabling customers to manage their routine operations with ease, speed and efficiency, inspired us to develop all-in-one solutions that help companies to optimize the flow and count of goods. With our full line of RFID tracking devices and a customizable, adaptable cloud platform we simplify once tedious routine tasks and enable total process transparency. Nordic ID is listed on Nasdaq First North.