How can I use LLRP with Nordic ID devices?

LLRP is the acronym of ‘Low Level Reader Protocol’, ratified by EPC Global in April, 2007. LLRP is the RFID-aware protocol that is intended to standardise the network interface of the RFID readers. It is designed as a standard in order for developers to have a common programmatic interface to RFID readers from different vendors.

Since the Nordic ID devices can only be accessed using the NUR API or NUR protocol to communicate with them, Nordic ID created Norma to provide also LLRP communication for the reader. Norma is available for free as an embedded app on Nordic ID Smart Readers and as a software application for Windows OS.

Norma acts as a translator proxy between the LLRP clients (your middleware or software) and the Nordic ID RFID readers i.e. it translates the LLRP communication to NUR protocol and vice versa. This way LLRP clients can access the reader.

Where can I find deeper technical documentation about Nordic ID devices?

Our GitHub repository is full of documentation, programming libraries and source codes.

You can also find very interesting application notes about specific topics:

Where can I find the manuals, software and firmware upgrades of Nordic ID products?

You can find the latest version of the manual for each Nordic ID device here:

Nordic ID software applications and the latest version of our firmwares can be found here:


Are there any additional inspection-/refusal fees for creating cost estimate?

Yes, if you do not wish to confirm our cost estimate we will only charge 40,00 € net for inspecting the main device excl. any return shipment costs to the customer. This cost is for examining/diagnosing the device and for creating the cost estimate accordingly. If Nordic ID recycles the unit by request from customer, no fees are charged.

Inspection fee won’t be invoiced in case cost estimate is accepted and repair is performed

Are any fixed repair costs offered?

No, there are no fixed repair costs offered as each defective device must be inspected individually.

How high are the shipping costs when the device was repaired under warranty?

Standard shipments of repaired devices from the Nordic ID service centre to the customer are included in Warranty repairs / EasyService.

Customers are responsible of cost generated from shipping device(s) to the Nordic ID service centre.

Who can I contact in case of any questions or requests related to repairs?

You can contact our service technicians in Finland via phone +358 2 727 7791 or via email

How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs to EU or non-EU countries differs based on destination country, weight of shipping, used courier service etc.

Can spare parts be purchased separately?

Device accessories e.g. detachable antennas, hand strap, stylus, battery and battery cover can be purchased separately. Spare parts cannot be purchased separately.

How long is the repair warranty period?

There is a 90-day functional warranty on the repair performed.

How long does it usually take to repair a device?

The average workflow running times for repairs are 5….15 workdays.

How can I send in a defective device or where can I get an RMA number from?

Please download and fill Service Dispatch form via link below when sending device(s) to Nordic ID repair centre in Finland:
service dispatch form

Please send device(s) and the Service Dispatch form to the following address:
Nordic ID HQ Service
Joensuunkatu 7
24100 Salo Finland

How long is the warranty period?

Nordic ID grants a 2 years warranty on all products (batteries excluded).