How can I use LLRP with Nordic ID devices?

LLRP is the acronym of ‘Low Level Reader Protocol’, ratified by EPC Global in April, 2007. LLRP is the RFID-aware protocol that is intended to standardise the network interface of the RFID readers. It is designed as a standard in order for developers to have a common programmatic interface to RFID readers from different vendors.

Since the Nordic ID devices can only be accessed using the NUR API or NUR protocol to communicate with them, Nordic ID created Norma to provide also LLRP communication for the reader. Norma is available for free as an embedded app on Nordic ID Smart Readers and as a software application for Windows OS.

Norma acts as a translator proxy between the LLRP clients (your middleware or software) and the Nordic ID RFID readers i.e. it translates the LLRP communication to NUR protocol and vice versa. This way LLRP clients can access the reader.