wow your guests and turn HOTEL RETAIL SHOPPING into A money maker

“The main drivers for automating a service formerly requiring a human touch are the ‘wow’ factor for guests and providing a frictionless experience.”

– Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Customer Survey 2018, Optimizing a Digital Evolution in Hospitality


Hotel retail shopping – close to extinction? The race for providing ever improved customer experience to hotel guests and at the same time keeping a close eye on costs are everyday challenges for any hotel. Despite this constellation, the minibar is still alive and kicking. Even though, at most 30% of hotel guests utilize it.

We have developed the perfect solution for addressing this challenge. The unmanned shop concept turns hotel shopping into an experience – with increased sales and less staff! And makes ditching the minibar the easiest decision ever.

Nordic ID S/MART enables increased sales at a lower cost with customer centric digitalization. The unmanned shop provides guests with a broader selection of items, available around the clock in an effortless and accessible way. Automated in-shop solutions ensure that the right products are always available, keeping staff costs low and making even wet bar shopping an experience. The solution is extremely effortless to operate thanks to real-time information on inventory, restocking alerts, item amounts and location.

Nordic ID S/MART automated store mobile shop unnamed store

Broaden your PRODUCT SELECTION and sell more

Do not let the narrow selection of items in traditional wet bars and lobby shops limit your imagination. Extend your retail offering with the in-house collection, a broader range of convenience goods, local specialties… Anything you feel would enchant your guests and experience up to 40% increase in sales!

Nordic ID Self-Checkout Frost & Sullivan award


Open an unmanned shop in your hotel lobby or even on every floor. Serve your guests 24 hours a day in a more efficient way – and with less staff! Eliminate the minibar reclamations at the reception desk and let your staff concentrate on catering to the needs your guests.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions Platform cloud software RADEA asset tracking

Easily scale up

Adding additional self-service points for wet bar and convenience goods etc. is simple. You can easily deploy more self-service spaces on your premises and serve your guests even more efficiently.

RADEA RFID Solution PaaS platform Internet of Things industrial IoT asset management inventory tracking

No more out of stock

Real-time information on item availability supports keeping the right products and the right amounts in stock. Automated replenishing alerts make it easy for your staff to restock items in time before they run out. No more unnecessary daily checkups whether replenishment is needed or not!


Nordic ID self-checkout automated self checkout smart self checkout


Reduce queue times by 90%, deploy multiple, automated points of sale and increase the volume of sales on every floor and in the hotel lobby. Frictionless integration to existing systems lets you choose method of payment. See that sales curve go up!

DISCOVER NORDIC ID S/MART – the hotel retail sales booster




Download the Nordic ID S/MART White Paper and find out how automating the shopping experience can boost your profits and improve the customer experience.


Nordic ID S/MART White Paper unmanned store white paper automated store white paper

Download the Nordic ID S/MART Infographic and discover the potential of our unmanned store concept

Nordic ID S/MART Infographic unmanned store infographic


Key Functionalities

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Self-service checkout

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Goods in/out functionality

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