Nordic ID Self-checkout

Enhance your in-store customer experience and sell more with our award-winning self-checkout

Eliminate queueing at the checkout
No more fear of losing sales because of long lines! The RFID-powered self-checkout enables an entire shopping cart or bag to be scanned in an instant. No more looking for barcodes or scanning items individually.
See your customer satisfaction score soar
The self-checkout solution frees your staff to do what they do best – serve customers and sell more. Staff assisting customers on the shop floor provide customers with additional product information, tips on new products and personal shopping assistance to support customers’ purchase decision. Your customer satisfaction index will hit new highs!
Break your sales record
Put a stop to abandoned carts and lost sales! Did you know that queueing perceived to last over 6 minutes results in over 50% of customers abandoning their shopping cart?! The RFID self-checkout lets you serve also the customers that would otherwise leave the store empty-handed.
Returns handling made easy
Wrong size – no problem! In situations when a customer needs to return his purchase, the self-checkout takes care of it in an instant. Not only is the customer refunded, the returned item is automatically added to the inventory*. *requires integration to Nordic ID Radea -platform or inventory management system

autonomous checkout system shopping-cart level checkout RFID self-checkout

Award-winning technology
Frost & Sullivan has selected the Nordic ID Self-Checkout as the most innovative new product of 2019 in Europe. Thanks to its advanced technology, the Nordic ID Self-Checkout is 16 times faster than normal checkout and can completely eliminate queuing.
POS of your choice
Let your customers continue using the payment methods you provide! We work together with all the major POS providers, enabling our self-checkout to be easily integrated into any payment system in the market.
Customizable design to suit your needs
Our design- your design? Your choice! Even if we are very proud of our minimalistic, user friendly self-checkout, we understand that you might like your own design better.
Helpdesk with one touch
Be there for your customer! The self-checkout enables you to support your customer at the payment stage. If he/she has any questions regarding payment or checkout, your helpdesk can provide the customer with assistance remotely.

Interested to find out how it works in practice? Check the video below.

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Download the Case study and learn more about the potential of Nordic ID Self-Checkout via the findings of the pilot projects.



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What the EXPERTS ARE saying


“With the Nordic ID Self-Checkout, the company has made the checkout experience quicker and more accurate for retail consumers.”

Ram Ravi, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan


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