Nordic ID Infokiosk – when customer engagement counts

Share stories about your products with your customers in a fast and easy way! This interactive Infokiosk touch table extends your opportunities to engage with and serve your customers. Nordic ID Infokiosk-your choice when customer engagement counts!

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Enhance your in-store customer experience

By bringing elements of the online shopping to the brick and mortar, Nordic ID Infokiosk enables you to serve customers in a more flexible way. The Infokiosk is always on, ready to assist the customer when he/she needs additional product information. This touch table solution displays digital product related content about the items that the customer picks out. Finally, no queueing or hunting down shop assistants required! Let us enable you to take your in-store customer experience to new heights.

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Transform how you introduce your brand to the customer

Provide customers with digital product related content when they need it – where they need it. The Infokiosk’s touch table solution makes engaging with your brand easier than ever. Display product information, branded content and additional information. You can even connect the content to the Radea-platform for real-time information on your stock situation! You build the portfolio of visual pitches that suits your customers’ needs the best, locally or in the cloud. This solution transforms how you introduce your brand to the customer!

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Experience real sales growth

Up-selling, cross-selling, selling more! Don’t let that extra revenue walk out the door because of lack of information. In fact, the on-demand digital content that the Infokiosk provides your customer with is the perfect way to support his/her purchase decisions. What a great way for you to experience real sales growth!

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Designed for interaction

The clean and minimalistic design of the Infokiosk paired with an intuitive user interface encourage interaction. The customer only brings the item onto the table and product information is automatically displayed. The integrated touch screen enables the customer to interact with the content.


Interested to find out how it works in practice? Check the video below.


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Download the S/MART White Paper and discover how the Nordic ID Infokiosk can enable experiential shopping and bridge the gap between offline and online shopping.


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What our customers have to say

“There are endless opportunities with this especially to enhance the customer experience”
“You can see straight away how it can benefit different customers– other products, size information, colours etc.”


What the EXPERTS ARE saying


“Nordic ID’s revolutionary Info Desk retail solution enables shop owners to serve customers with a highly effective digitalized tool which provides around-the-clock product information on the shop floor instead of waiting for support from the sales staff. Also, customers can access any graphic and video product information and engage with the brand due to built-in social media and web page elements of the company’s retail solution enhancing their customer experiences and saving time significantly.”

Ram Ravi, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

Key Functionalities

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