Repair service

Nordic ID repair service for technical enquiries and Easy repair.,


For technical enquiries regarding Nordic ID devices or software development, please contact our Technical Support:
E-mail: support(at)
Telephone: +358 2 727 7790

As a manufacturer, Nordic ID is responsible for providing repair services on its devices during and after the warranty period. Together with our service partners, we serve all of our customers globally.


When your Nordic ID device needs repair, only turn to our Nordic ID Service or authorized service partners. We want to ensure that your Nordic ID product serves you in the best way possible, and by using our preferred service partners the quality of service is trustworthy and spare parts are original. This way the existing product warranty remains, and you receive an additional 3-month service warranty on repaired devices.
Nordic ID works together with full support and primary support partners. Full support partners can handle both warranty and non-warranty repairs on behalf of Nordic ID in their own regions. In addition, Nordic ID has a network of smaller repair centers, primary support partners, who offer the first line of support to their customers locally.


In case a unit has been physically damaged or doesn’t seem to work, please feel free to ship it to Nordic ID or one of our partners.

Choose from the Nordic ID Service Centers listed below.
If you are uncertain of the best suited service center or any part of the process, please contact: service(at)

Please include the service dispatch form with the shipment:

Nordic ID Service Dispatch Form

If you are unable to include this form with the shipment, please make sure you include at least the following information:

  • Name of the contact person, phone number and email address
  • Device return and billing address
  • Device fault description
  • Device serial number
  • Your order reference (optional)