7 RFID use cases in which the Nordic ID FR22 excels

The latest addition to our RFID device family was introduced recently when we launched a revolutionary RFID fixed reader, the Nordic ID FR22, on April 4th. If you have not heard about this game-changer yet, you can read more about it here first. Here we concentrate more on use cases and the multiple ways you can use this new fixed reader and its accessories.

The FR22 is a vital building block for various track & trace and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Nordic ID FR22 combined with different antennas will provide different RFID solutions for different RFID use cases. Let’s go through some specific situations in which the FR22 can be used. These 7 use cases are just a few of all the possibilities that the FR22 offers.


Track workwear with ease

The FR22 enables real-time information on the usage and circulation of any item. Let’s take workwear tracking as an example. You can create efficient and accurate workwear inventory management using the FR22. First, the employee signs into the workwear storage and chooses the workwear. The reader detects the selected RFID-tagged garment when the employee exits the room. These two pieces of information, the data about the identified employee and the garment, combined tell you who has taken the garment and which garment has been taken. The return of the garment can be tracked with the same process. For this use case, the antennas connected to the reader must be attached to the storage room door and above the return hamper. This way you can collect accurate real-time data on the location and the time of use of each garment in the workplace. Besides individual items, you can also read several garments rapidly and fluently with this RFID solution.


Manual checkouts and user identification using touchscreen

The FR22’s new platform with edge computing capabilities simplifies complexity, reduces cost, and increases reliability in your RFID setup. The FR22 offers extensive connectivity that enables it to be part of various solutions setting it apart from its competitors. Versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth, HDMI output, 4G, Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet, enable flexibility in system design. Combining the FR22 with a touchscreen, you can quickly build a user identification system or manual checkout at a doorway or entrance. You can see what has been read from the touchscreen, and you can give a visual indication of the reading results. In addition to providing feedback, you can also receive feedback from the user, for example, when the user wants to read again or send some other data.

An additional benefit of connecting a touchscreen to the FR22 is that you can browse web pages, display dashboards to see the inventory count or location of items in real-time, do web searches or access your web-based ERP. You can manage the entire system from the touchscreen. The touchscreen connects to the reader via HDMI, and the software application runs on the reader itself. This solution eliminates the need for continuous cloud connection and expensive host computer running on site.


Track items and people using Bluetooth and RFID

The FR22’s Bluetooth connectivity enables the detection of Bluetooth beacons which means that people carrying smartphones or items with Bluetooth beacons can be located. With custom software, the FR22 makes it possible to combine information about people and RFID-tagged items. You do not need a separate Bluetooth access point to get the data.


Hide easily, pack tightly

When creating the FR22, we aimed to improve every aspect of the RFID fixed reader, including the size and the weight. The Nordic ID FR22 weighs only 306 grams and is 9,1 x 20,3 x 1,7 cm. The reader can be packed more tightly and transported more cost-efficiently than its heavy competitors. The FR22’s lightweight design allows the device to be mounted even without brackets, and the reader can be hidden easily.

Due to the device’s small size, the FR22 can easily be incorporated into furniture for point-of-sale. Using the FR22, you can keep the point-of-sale stylish and offer a pleasant customer experience. The FR22 works nicely in the fitting rooms as part of a compact self-service solution.


Accurate movement detection in the manufacturing facility

The FR22 can be part of gates and tunnel solutions, preventing the loss of items or keeping track of the item flow. Don’t waste time locating shared assets such as maintenance tools or components. Inventory management is one of the solutions where the FR22 excels, especially when combined with our powerful Nordic ID FR22 accessory, the BFA antenna.

The Nordic ID BFA adds the groundbreaking feature of having a time of flight (ToF) sensor, which detects movement and direction. Imagine being able to track the movement of goods within the manufacturing facility or process without any human input. As a byproduct, you gain data for production planning and optimization.


Smart shelves

Combining the FR22 with MUX16, the FR22 can be a single reader for 16 antennas. The combination of the FR22 and the MUX16 is ideal for shelf reading, conveyor systems, or RFID gate solutions that require more than four antennas.

The FR22 combined with the MUX16 and multiple antennas enable smart shelves solutions that offer automated in-store inventory. Imagine being able to track inventory in real-time on a shelf level. Smart shelves make the location of products faster, enable calculation of sales per shelf position, and reduce shrinkage, out-of-stocks, and misplaced items.


Track the shipments

With Nordic ID FR22, which natively attaches to the back of Nordic ID GA30, this reader and antenna combination will be the number one choice for manufacturing environments, logistics, or outdoor RFID solutions.

The FR22, with its powerful computing power, can also be used to track a large number of products to support the logistics chain. When installed in the RFID isolated cage with the MUX16 antenna multiplexer and several GA30 antennas around the cage, it can reliably detect the content of the whole pallet. This information can then be used to check the content of the shipments quickly and, for example, provide the information to the WMS (Warehouse Management System).


Digitalizing your operations is easy and simple with the FR22.


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